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Q:Do I have to pay if I apply for disaster rescue, emergency medical service or other services from Tainan City Government Fire Bureau?

A:The Fire Bureau will provide civilians with assistance without charge, including disaster rescue, emergency medical service, removals of the beehives and capture of the snakes.


Q:What information should I provide when dialing 119 to report an incident?

A:1. Type of incident:(Fire, emergency medical service or civilian service)

      2. Location of the incident.

      3. Full name of the caller.

      4. Contact phone number of the caller.


Q:How can I report an incident if I am mute?

A:You can text to 886-911-511-915 and 886-911-511-916 with a cellphone. Or, fax to 886-6-2952154 to reach the Emergency and Rescue Command Center of Fire Bureau.


Q:How do I use 1991 Message Board?

A:When major disasters strike, the phone communication network in disaster areas is often disconnected or jammed due to the damage of phone system or too many calls being made simultaneously to confirm the safety of family members or friends. Sometimes, the emergency phone calls could fail to be made and in turn result in rescue delay. Therefore, a exclusive telephone line, 1991, is established for civilians to call their friends and family to confirm their safety. Citizens can call 1991 directly through landline, cellphone or public phone and follow the instructions to key in the “designated phone number” and leave a message. Their family and friends can dial 1991 and key in the “designated phone number” to listen to the message. For more information, please visit the website of 1991 Message Board.(http://www.1991.tw/1991_MsgBoard/en_index.jsp)


Q:Who is the subject of 119 ambulance and what is the emergency procedure?

A:1.Ambulance service is provided for people in the situation below:

 (1)Anyone who gets injured in disasters or accidents.

 (2)Anyone who is sick and immovable.

 (3)Women who are in labor.

 (4)Anyone who needs to be taken to emergency room in the hospital, but outpatients or patients who need to be transferred to another hospitals are not included.

   2. Emergency procedure of ambulance: Patients should be sent to the nearby hospitals with normal first-aid capabilities.


Q:What should I do if I’m in a car accident?

A:1. Call 119 for help.

      2. Ask people nearby for help.

      3. Place triangle caution sign.

      4. Do not move the injured.

      5. Stay on the site to wait for the police and firefighters.


Q:How do I apply for emergency medical service certificate?

A:1. Any first-aid cases in which emergency medical service is provided by Fire Bureau are allowed.

   2. A copy of ID (both sides) or other personal documents of the patient and that of the applicant.

   3. Application procedure:Download and print out the application form to fill out. You can send the application form via post or visit the local fire stations or Emergency Medical Service Division during the office hours.


Q:Where can I apply for fire certificate? How long does the application process take?

A:Any victim or anyone having interest in or to the fire disaster may apply for the issuance of a fire certificate with the relevant documentary evidence any local fire station and fills out the application form there. It takes 3 to 8 workdays, including mail delivery time. In an urgent situation, please visit the local corporation or Fire Investigation Division of Fire Bureau during the office hours for the application and you can get the certificate right away.


Q:Do I have to apply for a permit to let off the firecrackers and fireworks?

A:There is no need to apply for a permit to let off the general firework and firecracker. However, you should be aware that the general firework and firecracker are certified by Ministry of Interior, R.O.C (MOI). If anyone who wants to give a display of the professional firework and firecracker, he or she needs to apply for a permit 5 days prior to the display.  Anyone displaying the general firework and firecracker without a permit will be fined NT30,000 to 150,000.


Q:How do I apply for a permit to launch Kongming lanterns?

A:If you need to launch Kongming lanterns due to religious rituals, folk ceremonies or festivals, a permit is needed. Please apply 10 days prior to the activity with the application form, a proposal for safety precautions, and a drawing to map out the activity area. The duration of the activity is limited to the period between 6:00am to 10:00pm.


Q:How do I reserve a tour for Fire Safety Museum?

A:Please make reservation 10 days prior by phone, fax or submission of an application form. The application form which is in word format could be downloaded from the website. The reservation is on a first-come first-served  basis. The address of the Fire Museum is No.898, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, R.O.C. Phone number for reservation is 886-6-2975119#2202 & 886-6-2955204 for fax.


Q:What are the precautionary measures I should take during an earthquake?

A:1. Shouting aloud to remind people surrounding you is the first priority. Do not rush in or out of a building. Stay away from windows, glass, chandeliers, large furniture and try to find protection nearby.

     2. Turn off power source to prevent fire.

     3. Open the doors and windows to prevent them from being deformed during the earthquake.

     4. When you are in a skyscraper, find shelter on the existing floor.

     5. Do not use elevator in case you’re left trapped inside.

     6. Do not rush to emergency exit to prevent injury from collision between people.

     7. Find soft pad to protect your head and find shelter to hide under sturdy tables, wall corners or well-sported doorframes.

    8. Turn off power and fire currently in use.

    9. Unplug the home appliances in use such as irons or toasters immediately.


Q:What are the precautionary measures I should take during a typhoon?

A:1. If your house is secure and free from the threats of tsunami and flood, you should stay at home.

   2. During power failure, keep the flammables away when lighting up candles to avoid a fire.

   3. Do not go waves-watching at sea dikes, swimming, picking up rocks and fishing to prevent accidents.

   4. Contact the Taiwan Power Company when seeing fallen electric wire. Do not touch with hands.

   5. The weather will temporarily get better when the region is right beneath the typhoon eye. Do not leave your house because the storm will pick up again shortly.

   6. If driving is inevitab during a typhoon, you should slow down and pay attention to traffic condition.

   7. If you’re attacked by strong winds, you should pull over to the side of the road or find shelter. Do not drive forcefully.