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Division Duties
Fire Prevention Division
Inspecting fire safety equipment and implementing inspection plans; determining administrative penalties for public safety violations; overseeing the hazardous substances in public areas and the use of flammable, high-pressure gas and firecrackers; promoting fire prevention education via Fire Safety Museum and training of fire-prevention managers.
Disaster Rescue Division
Managing various emergent rescue plans; executing fire rescue; vertical rescue;chemical hazard rescue; planning, guidance and assessment of emergency rescue for other major disasters; personnel training; maintenance and repair of fire-fighting vehicles, equipment.
Emergency Medical Service Division
Directing pre-hospital emergency medical care system and skills; implementing rescue plans on heavy casualties; management of 119 case reports;overseeing, inspecting and coordinating emergency medical service provided among medical institutions; personnel training. 
Fire Investigation Division
Investigating, identifying, gathering statistics and analyzing the causes of fire disasters; issuing of fire certificates.
Civilian Coordination Division
Managing, training, assessing, coordinating the volunteer firefighters; cooperating and integrating with civil relief organizations
Disaster Management Division
Establishing and implementing rescue plans for fire, typhoons and earthquakes; assessing the rescue plans; enlisting rescue resources in the private sector.
Cashier; procurement; general affairs management; property management; construction of offices; research; documentation; filing; official seal; PR and legal affairs; supply; repair and maintenance; regulations and other affairs not falling within the responsibilities of other divisions, offices and centers.
Emergency and Rescue Command Center
Handling correspondence for the 119 incident-reporting system; giving commands and making coordination accordingly; compiling statistics concerning services such as emergency rescue; processing information; maintaining and repairing telecom equipment/supplies.