Creating a Protection Network for National Monuments in Tainan City

Subject:Disaster Mitigation For Cultural Heritages

Project: Save Our History: Creating a Protection Network for National Monuments in Tainan City

Overview on Disaster Prevention Programs for Historic Monuments

1. The Beginning
           Tainan, as the historic "Capital City" of Taiwan, was the first town to be systematically developed in the country, and noted for its rich culture, history and traditions. Home to more than 100 heritage sites and historic monuments, Tainan is celebrated in Taiwan as the city with the most number of national heritage estates. The city's extraordinary historic and cultural assets are also tantamount to remarkable economic potential and value, found nowhere else in the country. Yet given the conventional architectural methods, and the wear-and-tear of age, these historic buildings are much more vulnerable to disasters and calamities than contemporary structures. That said, "Tainan City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Relief Programs For Cultural Places and Historic Monuments" was instituted on June 20, 2011, in hopes of bolstering the city's disaster management, minimization, and recovery capabilities.

2. Objectives and Execution
        Tainan's iconic national monument - the State Temple of the Martial God - was chosen as the first demonstrative site for the city's disaster prevention and relief programs. In the beginning, one national monument would be selected for program implementation. The goal was to inspire other heritage sites in the city to follow suit. In other words, the first demonstrative site would act as a seed program to encourage the creation of a historic place disaster prevention network, spanning the city proper and protecting every historic monument in Tainan, accordingly.

3. Implementation
The Setup of an Online Monitoring System
        The Fire Bureau sets up an online monitoring system and records all the real-time video feed; online transmission and image upload and storage are enabled through a cloud-based service to conduct surveillance, or the browsing of historic video/image library (see diagram 1).

Diagram 1: The Setup of an Online Monitoring System

Diagram 1: The Setup of an Online Monitoring System

Remote real-time monitoring or historic video library browsing

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