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Subject:Exhibition area description


1.The Past and the Present of the Tainan City Government Offices Building

The Tainan City Government Offices Building was completed in 1938. The building once housed a firehouse, a police station, and offices of the police department. The central tower, constructed in 1930, was the tallest building in Tainan City at the time and served as a lookout for fire. The building was renovated in 2017 by the Tainan City Government Fire Bureau in light of its historical significance.


2.A Firefighting Pioneer in Tainan: Sumiyoshi Hidematsu

Mr. Sumiyoshifounded the Sumiyoshi Construction Company in 1907 in Taiwan during the colonial period. It was one of the major construction companies in southern Taiwan at the time, and oversaw many public construction works, such as the North-South Railway and railway bridges. He also organized a volunteer firefighters’ group in his name (there were no official fire agencies at the time) and served as head of the group for over a decade. It was the first civilian fire corps in Tainan City.


3.History of Fire Safety and Prevention in Tainan

A major fire in the tightly packed Tainan city center in 1840marked the beginning of fire safety awareness, and the promulgation of rules for fire prevention. It was followed by civilian fire corps and fire agencies during the Japanese Colonial Period. After Taiwan’s retrocession, fire safety and prevention on the government level underwent several changes. Fire services also expanded accordingly to the change of time, from basic fire prevention and firefighting missions, to include emergency aid and much more.


4.The Worsts Fires in Tainan

Terrifying tongues of flame and thick, heavy black smoke soar into the sky. The twelve worst fires in Tainan’s history tell the heroics offirefighters whobattled in the inferno. The stories also pay tribute to the volunteers and firefighters who perished to save the city.

5.Hall of Famers

A firefighter’s job involves fire prevention, disaster relief, and emergency medical care. A standard shift is “work two days and two nights and one day off” (48 hours on/24 hours off). As soon as the 119 line rings, they are on their way! Let’s learn more about their work and gear!

6.SOS Emergency Response

A devastating earthquake hit Taiwan on September 21st, 1999.In light of thetremendous loss and casualty caused by the tremor, fire departments all over the country set up special search and rescue teams, specifically trained to provide assistance when disaster strikes. They can be found in many challenging situations where emergency aid is required.


The Baiho Earthquake in 1964, and the February 6th 2016MeinongEarthquakewere two of the most violenttremors that leftlasting, devastating damages to the area around Tainan. However, the destruction made by these two earthquakes were different as they took place at different places and times. Search and rescue missions also carried out differently. The Museum offers virtual-reality simulators that take visitors back in time to the scene as a member of the rescue team to search for survivors. 




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