Notes for Visitors

Subject:Notes for Visitors


1.Public Hours:Tuesday through Sunday, 09:00-18:00

2.Closure: Mondays (the building is closed on national holidays as well), lunar New Year’s Eve, first day of lunar New Year, stormy days that the government determines as days off, plus days previously announced as closure days.

3.Please remain within the marked area, respect other visitors, and observe the Museum’s policies. Use interactive facilities with care but please do not touch the objects on display. Intentional damage of the facilities and equipment may lead to fines.

4. To maintain cleanliness of the premises, please do no smoke, chew gums or betel nut inside the Museum. No food, drinks, or animals (except working dogs) are allowed the Museum.

5. In the interests of your safety, please do not use the electrical socketsin the Museum for your private use. Do not enter areas not open to the public, or bring dangerous objects into the Museum. Please abide by the Museum’s rules and regulations during your visit.

6.Admission to the Museum is free. Please make advance insurance arrangements for group visits for your own safety. All visitors, including school groups and group leaders, must follow instructions from the Museum’s staff and volunteers.

7. Tour booking: The Education Room accepts tour bookings of more than 15 visitors a week before the scheduled visit. To ensure quality, guided tours are offered only to groups of less than 100 visitors. Booked tours are available between 09:00 and 12:00, and 13:30 and 17:00.



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