Subject:Guildlines For Visitors

Heed the following when visiting the Simulation Lab

1. The Disaster Management Simulation Lab is open Tuesday to Friday, 08:30AM to noon, and 13:30PM to 16:30M. Two tours are scheduled daily. In principle, no more than 120 visitors are allowed in each tour. The Lab is closed on weekends and national holidays.
2. The tour is conducted in groups, as assigned by tour guides.
3. Please dress in lightweight gym clothing. Female visitors are advised to wear long pants or shorts.
4. No tomfoolery, running or rackets are allowed when in the Lab.
5. The Lab accepts tour bookings via phone, fax, or written application to ensure every visitor a chance at experiencing the learning activity. The bookings must be made 10 days before the tour. The tours are organized on a "first come, first serve" basis.
6. All the activities conducted in the Lab are free-of-charge. To ensure safety, the organizer is advised to provide group insurance coverage for its participants in the event of accidents. All the visitors, schoolchildren and private citizens are to follow the instructions of the staff or volunteers in the Lab.
7. Staff at the Lab would respond to any post-tour inquiries ASAP.   
8. To book a tour, call case officer, Mr. Chen Sheng-sie at (06) 2975119 ext. 2202, or 0910739954.
9. No food is allowed in the Education Room to ensure cleanliness.

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