Disaster Management Simulation Lab: Milestones



The establishment of the Disaster Management Simulation Lab represents concerted effort of everyone at the Fire Bureau, and those committed to Tainan's urban wellness. Nothing we built with our heart in the right place was ever lost. This special edition is dedicated to those who have stood with us along the way, and those who worked to make the Simulation Lab a reality.



  • A mobile disaster relief simulator and a mobile disaster relief scale model inaugurated (October 22, 2003).
  • Facilities in the Simulation Lab installed as planned. About 100 schoolchildren showed up to celebrate its inauguration (May 14, 2002).
  • Tour guides being prepped for giving introductions on fire extinguishers and escape slings (May 8, 2002).
  • Tour guides trained for giving CPR.
  • Tour guides reporting to the training center for boot camp exercise on May 1 and 2.
  • The Disaster Management Simulation Lab was now open to advanced tour bookings. Deputy director Wu Ming-fang planted a tree to mark the occasion (May 2, 2002).
  • Repairs on an ancient fire pump truck were completed; equipment for marine commando traverse exercise were installed; five phone inquiries were received on tour bookings; the installation of a large billboard advertising the completion of the Simulation Lab was erected; flyers were distributed to teachers of 3-to-6 grade schoolchildren in primary schools (April 30, 2002).
  • Weekly department head meetings: retired firefighters and crewmembers were encouraged to donate historic books on firefighting regulations and statutes in their possession for display; squad members and firefighter brigades were also asked to help collect artifacts and paraphernalia of commemoration value as memorabilia (April 30, 2002).
  • Public and private primary schools and the Bureau of Education were notified about the opening of the Simulation Lab; they were encouraged to include the Simulation Lab as a destination for off-campus/extracurricular activities and tours (April 25, 2002).
  • Fliers were printed. The Simulation Lab was slated for opening on May 15. Tour bookings could now be made starting May 1 (April 24, 2002).
  • Mr. Chen Jin-tian donated his collection of books, printed and dated back to the 20th year of Emperor Showa's reign, for display at the Simulation Lab (April 23, 2002).
  • Preparatory meeting convened in the boardroom on the 6th floor for the Disaster Management Simulation Lab to bring every attendee up to speed on preparation progress and duty delegation. Interior decorations and equipment setup, plus the distribution of fliers were slated for completion on April 30, 2002. Tour guides began arriving at the Simulation Lab on May 6, 2002 to accept tour bookings. A date between May 13 and 15, 2002, would be chosen for the grand opening (April 16, 2002).
  • Phone line and number (06-2958119) for tour bookings were installed (April 14, 2002).
  • Fliers about the Simulation Lab and identifications for the tour guides were professionally designed (April 13, 2002).
  • The screening of tour guides was completed. A total of 10 substitute civilian servicemen were chosen (April 12, 2002).
  • Emergency rescue squad leader Wen-jheng Yang was appointed as director of the Disaster Management Simulation Lab(April 8, 2002).
  • To facilitate the inauguration of the Simulation Lab, the Fire Bureau urged interest groups from both the private and public sectors to adopt facilities within the premises to ensure their sustainability.
  • Director Yang retired on January 16, 2014 (January 16, 2014).
  • The Simulation Lab became an off-campus/extracurricular service learning center, frequented by public and private middle schools in Tainan City starting in 2014. Middle school students could visit the Simulation Lab to serve and learn (November 28, 2013).
  • A volunteer crew of 11 tour guides for the Simulation Lab was established in April, 2013 (April 24, 2013).
  • Volunteer recruitment continued in 2015 and 2016. 22 volunteers are now on active duty at present (August 4, 2016)
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