Description of organization chart:
Tainan City Government Fire Bureau is assigned with a Commissioner, two Deputy Commissioner, a Chief Secretary and two Senior Specialists. The Fire Bureau consists of Emergency and Rescue Command Center, Fire Prevention Division, Disaster Rescue Division, Emergency Medical Services Division, Fire Investigation Division, Civilian Coordination Division, Disaster Management Division, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Civil Service Ethics Office and seven District HQs commanding over 53 stations.

1st District HQs:
Xinying Station、Liuying Station、Yanshui Station、Baihe Station、Guanling Station、Houbi Station、Dongshan Station、Dongyuang Station

2nd District HQs:
Madou Station、Xiaying Station、Liujia Station、Guantian Station、Yujing Station、Nanxi Station、Nanhua Station

3rd District HQs:
Jiali Station、Xigang Station、Qigu Station、Xuejia Station、Beimen Station、Jiangjun Station

4th District HQs:
Xinhua Station、Shanshang Station、Zuozhen Station、Xinshi Station、Nanke Station、Shanhua Station、Danei Station、Anding Station

5th District HQs:
Yongkang Station、Yanhang Station、Guanmiao Station、Longqi Medical Aid Station、Guiren Station、Fuxing Station、Baoxi Station、Wenxian Station、Rende Station、Dawan Station

6th District HQs:
Hewei Station、Yonghua Station、Gongyuan Station、Annan Station、Anping Station、Anhe Station、Tucheng Station、Firefighter Assist and Search Team Station、Firefighter Assist and Search Team Squad

7th District HQs:
Nanmen Station、Chongshan Station、Dongmen Station、Houjia Station、Dexing Station、Wanli Station、Zhongzheng Station


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