Tainan City Government Fire Bureau Constructs Intelligent Disaster-Prevention Network to Ensure Safety of Tainan Residents


Date: 2016/12/26

Subject: Tainan City Government Fire Bureau Constructs Intelligent Disaster-Prevention Network to Ensure Safety of Tainan Residents


In the sixth anniversary of the inauguration of Tainan City Mayor William Lai, the Commissioner of the Tainan City Government Fire Bureau, Lee Ming-feng, has incorporated the Mayor’s policy vision into the deployment of his highly efficient fire bureau team comprising police officers, fire personnel, and volunteer firefighters by facilitating various fire protection and prevention tasks in the city, including implementing fire safety programs, enhancing fire personnel training, increasing fire protection and disaster prevention resources, cooperating with civilians, and generating positive feedback from performance evaluations.

On February 6, 2016, an earthquake devastated the city and resulted in the collapse of a residential building named Weiguan Jinlong that trapped approximately 300 residents. In response, the city government immediately established a forward command post in the disaster area to deploy rescue teams and create a reporting system. The city government’s police and fire personnel, volunteer firefighters, and non-governmental organizations instantly entered the disaster area and started a rescue mission despite the cold weather. Victims were successively rescued from the scene after the rescue teams’ incessant efforts in duties of great fatigue during the Chinese New Year holiday. A total of 4,699 rescue personnel were employed in the mission.

In 2016, the policy of domestic liquefied petroleum gas supply standard form contract went into effect to protect consumer rights and follow international trends. By shooting a bilingual short film to promote fire safety knowledge and teaching disaster prevention using bilingual texts in the Bureau’s Fire Safety Museum, the Bureau assisted the city government in disseminating fire safety knowledge while promoting the use of English, the city’s second official language. In addition, the Bureau consecutively ranked No. 1 from 2011 to 2015 in implementing a national program for ensuring the safety of and promoting positive activities to children and teenagers during summer vacation.

After installing the first automatic disaster prevention system in Chihkan Tower, Tainan's landmark and most famous historic site, in March 2015, the Bureau completed the installation of the second system in Confucius Temple, a national historic monument in Tainan, before September 28, 2016, signifying its dedication to disaster prevention for historic monuments. In addition, the Bureau enhanced the performance of safety personnel for historic monuments by holding a total of 823 disaster prevention drills in 19 national historic monuments, 41 municipal monuments, and 42 historic buildings.

In addition to its excellent performance in the periodic drills for operating the national emergency management information cloud system in 2015 conducted by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), Tainan City was evaluated by the central government as excellent in executing its disaster prevention and protection plan in 2015, the fifth consecutive time for the same evaluation result since 2011, making Tainan city the only municipality that received its fifth consecutive certification among the six municipalities in Taiwan. Despite the earthquake on February 6 and several typhoon and heavy rainfall events, the city demonstrated highly efficient capabilities in disaster prevention and emergency response. Moreover, it received an Innovative Performance Award from the 2016 Taiwan Awards for Healthy Cities and Senior Friendly Cities.

The city’s emergency response center established a video conferencing system connected to 37 district offices to obtain real-time disaster information by transmitting disaster videos to the center through the use of computer, smartphone, and tablet apps, thereby assisting the commander to formulate response strategies and optimize the effectiveness of the city’s disaster prevention and rescue system. Moreover, a disaster prevention handbook for Tainan’s citizens was issued in Chinese and English versions to educate the city’s residents on adequate disaster prevention and response knowledge.

In response to the recent disaster events in Taiwan, the Bureau organized a pilot fire rescue training course to holistically improve the skills and knowledge of its rescue personnel by simulating disaster scenarios. By utilizing the self-developed command mechanism called Tainan Fire Command and Control of Incident Operations (TNFCCIO), the Bureau created a CCIO mountain rescue handbook, held bureau-wise CCIO trainings, and organized 1,083 field disaster drills in 1,688 inaccessible lanes, allies, and areas in the city.

In terms of prehospital care, the number of patients successfully discharged from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) with the help of the Bureau increased from 343 in 2016 to 340 in 2014. The Bureau’s previous submission to Alliance for Healthy Cities (project name: Improving the Return of Spontaneous Circulation Rate of Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest through the 119 Emergency Medical System in Tainan city, Taiwan) was orally presented and received international attention this year in the 7th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities, held in Wonju City, Republic of Korea.

The Bureau ranked first in the 2015 fire prevention and rescue evaluation performed by the MOI in the category of civilian coordination. The Dawan Women’s Fire Safety Promotion Team under the fifth district headquarter of the Bureau was evaluated as excellent by a national assessment scheme also held by the MOI to evaluate Taiwan’s disaster prevention and rescue teams, women's fire safety promotion teams, and Phoenix volunteer teams (civilian emergency rescue teams).

The Bureau formulated a two-year middle-term plan for disaster command and dispatch operations in 2015 and 2016 and developed a satellite communications network in September 2016 to employ more radio communications equipment in its disaster rescue command and the emergency response center. Additionally, it was evaluated as an excellent fire bureau by the MOI’s 2015 National Firefighting Performance Evaluation

In the future, the Bureau aims to cooperative with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in addressing aging society issues by promoting a long-term care 2.0 program that ensures the delivery of high-quality and comprehensive long-term care services to senior citizens by focusing on three aspects: joint examination and onsite inspection, fire safety equipment, and fire prevention management. The Bureau has also actively sought to increase fire personnel by planning to train alternative military service human resources, which are expected to be 250 and will be assigned by the central government in the latter half of 2017. Furthermore, it plans to solve the problems of fire-safety manpower shortage, aging workforce, and human resource deficiency by participating in MOI’s middle-term program for maximizing safety personnel and equipment from 2017 to 2019, which was used for recruiting volunteer firefighters specializing in information communication technology, emergency healthcare, and water lifesaving.

The Bureau has applied for grants from MOI for the future implementation of the aforementioned program for safety personnel and equipment from 2017 to 2019 to purchase additional fire protection clothing and equipment and emergency communications facilities, with an aim to increase the efficiency of emergency reporting services and online human resource dispatching, promote cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the public to thereby increase the survival-to-discharge rate of OHCA patients in the city, implement the use of electronic anamnesis, and construct a 4G LTE public safety communications network.

Tainan City Mayor William Lai encouraged his government employees to dedicate their efforts to provide quality services for the citizens, inspiring the Bureau to sustain the spirit of saving people from danger with tireless perseverance and unfaltering energy. Thus, the Bureau’s primary objective has been to offer citizens a safer living environment in Tainan City.


Source: Officer Lin Wan-ju, Secretariat of the Tainan City Government Fire Bureau

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