Disaster Prevention Manual Published for Ensuring the Safety of Tainan City


The year of 2016 was not a peaceful year for Tainan City, which experienced a series of disasters, including extreme cold wave, earthquake (February 6), torrential rain (June 11 and September 6), Typhoons Nepartak, Meranti, and Megi, as well as the resultant loss of property and life.

A Japanese statistical study on large-scale earthquakes indicated that when encountering an earthquake, approximately 70% of Japanese people are rescued by themselves or family, 20% are by neighbors, friends, or passersby, and 10% by rescue teams from the public sector. As a rule of thumb for disaster emergency rescue, this valuable finding suggests that the percentage of self-help, mutual aid, and public assistance after the occurrence of an earthquake is 70%, 20%, and 10%, implying the importance of self-help rescue. Therefore, the Commissioner of Tainan City Government Fire Bureau, Lee Ming-feng, requested a compilation of a disaster prevention manual titled Disaster Preparedness Tainan City that provides simple, practical, and local disaster rescue information helpful for Tainan citizens or domestic or international visitors to know about the potential disasters in their residence. With short text and lively illustration, this manual educates readers on how to adequately prepare for and respond to disasters, aims to increase the awareness of disaster prevention and self-help rescue, and introduces various pathways to social relief, such as applying for disaster recovery assistance or related aid from the government.

The said manual was compiled in multiple stages. First, the outline and content of the manual was determined by referring to a disaster prevention manual published by the Tokyo government in Japan and various promotion materials released by National Fire Agency and other agencies in Taiwan. Second, personnel and experts from various units under Tainan City Government (including Bureau of Civil Affairs, Department of Health, Bureau of Social Affairs, Bureau of Water Resources, Bureau of Public Works, Bureau of Education, Bureau of Agriculture, and Tainan City Police Department) were invited to offer professional input based on their experience, which was then compiled and sorted by the Disaster Prevention and Response Office under the city government. Meanwhile, to assist in the city government in promoting English as the second official language in Tainan, the Fire Bureau also published an English version of the manual that was proofread by Guo Liang-mei (Lily Guo), a professor from the Department of Applied English at Tainan University of Technology.

After a series of careful discussion on modifying the manual content, both versions of the manual were finalized on December 15, 2016, and were formally inspected and accepted by the Fire Bureau on December 22, 2016.

The outline of the disaster prevention manual (titled Disaster Preparedness Tainan City) published by the Fire Bureau is as follows:

1. Is My Home in the Potential Disaster Area?

2. What Should I Do Before Disaster?

3. Earthquake Disaster

4. Typhoon & Flood Disaster

5. Mudslide Disaster

6. Fire Disaster

7. Other Disasters

8. Who Can I Turn to after the Disaster?

9. Disaster Prevention in the First Aid Classroom

The manual covers all types of potential disasters that may occur in Tainan City and incorporates barcode technologies by integrating QR codes with the manual to enable readers to immediately access necessary disaster prevention information.

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