Tainan City Government Fire Bureau Holds Inspection of the 6th Fire and Rescue Personnel Training (2016)


Chen Fang-mi, deputy captain of Disaster Rescue Division

To improve the ability of its fire safety personnel to manage disasters and rescue in disaster areas, Tainan City Government Fire Bureau held a screening test for Tainan’s fire safety personnel who have not obtained a rescue team qualification. A total of 26 participants passed the screening test. In addition, three fire safety personnel from Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade, three from Chiayi County Fire Bureau, two from Chiayi City Fire Bureau, and three from Kinmen County Fire Department were assigned to attend with the 26 participants (leading to 37 participants in total) a 10-week training for developing fire control, disaster management, and rescue skills from May 16 to July 22 of 2016. Among these 37 participants, two were female fire safety personnel (i.e., Huang Jing-yin from Yonghua Station of District Headquarter No. 6 and Chen Sing-huei from District Headquarter No.7), who passed the screening test and completed the 10-week training by demonstrating excellent fire safety, disaster response, and rescue skills equal to male peers despite differences in physical strength between the sexes and showing a fearless and unyielding spirit as fire-fighting professionals.

The training consists of courses on swiftwater rescue, basic rescue theory, rescue equipment application, basic knot-tying techniques and application, rescue skill training, professional mountain rescue training, and other related topics (i.e., emergency rescue measures in response to chemical disasters, earthquakes, floods, enclosed structures and basements, and high-rise buildings). The training was held at Xinhua Station (for courses on basic rescue skills), Xiuguluan River in Hualien (for courses on swiftwater rescue), and Mount Ali, Mount Yu, and Mount Dadong (for 5-day courses on mountain rescue techniques), respectively, to further increase the participants’ physical strength, rescue skills, and ability to develop tactics for special emergency incidents in dangerous environments.

The inspection ceremony of this training was conducted starting from 10 am on July 21 of 2016 at the open public space at the back of the Yonghua Station of Tainan City Government Fire Bureau (Address: No.898, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City). To confirm the effectiveness of the training, the following techniques were inspected among the training participants by Lee Ming-feng, Commissioner of the Bureau: (1) basic knot-tying (2) rope ascending (3) roping crossing and descending (4) victim transportation (5) T-shape rope rescue (6) Two-section ladder application (7) track-style rescue (8) Diagonal rope descending.

In the inspection ceremony, awards were presented to the top three best-performing participants during the training. The objective of this training was to assist the participants in increasing rescue skills and physical abilities, applying what they learned to practical work, and enhancing the well-being of citizens in Tainan City with advanced fire control and disaster management techniques.


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